During the legislative session, the Commission on Local Government (CLG) is required to file, with the General Assembly, a fiscal impact statement for each bill identified by the Division of Legislative Services as likely to impose on one or more local governments a net additional expenditure, a net reduction of revenues or both. (Va. Code § 30-19.03). Additionally, the Department of Planning and Budget and the Department of Taxation also have the authority to refer bills to CLG for local fiscal analysis.

These fiscal impact statements summarize the prospective effect of the bills on localities, based on the analyses of local officials from a representative cross-section of approximately 40 localities throughout the commonwealth. These officials are volunteers who are recruited by the CLG before the start of each General Assembly session. The purpose of the fiscal impact analysis process is to ensure that legislators considering proposed new state mandates understand the costs that the bills would impose on localities before such legislation is enacted.

For any local government stakeholder interested in participating in the volunteer FIS process, please contact CLG staff.