Community Economic Development (CED) Fund Grants

Community Economic Development Fund grants support economic development activities, particularly those creating employment opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons in CDBG-eligible localities.

Community Improvement Grants (CIG)

Community Improvement Grants enable localities with the greatest community development need to implement projects, which will most directly address these needs. These competitive grants are awarded following an application, evaluation and review process.

Construction Ready Water and Sewer Fund Grants

Construction-Ready Water and Sewer Fund grants support the construction of community facility projects providing public water or sewer service to communities made up of at least 60 percent low- to moderate-income households or a town-wide project serving at least 55 percent low- to moderate-income households.

Local Innovation Fund Grants

Local Innovation Fund grants support innovative, small-scale pilot projects, such as construction trades training programs, entrepreneurship development, heritage tourism, telecommunication projects or other efforts, which provide unique, unmatched benefits to eligible Virginia communities.

Urgent Need Fund Grants

Urgent Need Fund grants enable the prompt response to existing serious and immediate threats to local health and safety. Applications must be submitted no later than 18 months after either the governor of Virginia or the state commissioner of health has made a declaration of an emergency.